a practice.

20(05) a park


construction of a linear neighborhood park

To create a linear park in a district which definitely needs it, and conscious that the solution cannot alone lie on its design, the proposal develops a long-term process of depollution, mobilisation and reappropriation and uses it as a lever to upgrade the whole neighbourhood and its inhabitants by imagining productive spaces and temporary occupations.

Programme: park

Location : Anderlecht, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Brussels, BE

Client: Bruxelles Environnement

Status: competition in 2020

Surfaces: n.c.

Cost: n.c.

Team: A.M. A PRACTICE. + ATELIER VELDWERK + KOEN VAN SYNGHEL, architecture, urbanism and landscape / PARTICITIZ, participation / ATELIER RUIMTELIK ADVIES, engineering and costs management / SERVAIS ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING, stability / LAURENT DELMOTTE, real estate law adviser / SIXCO, health and security coordinator